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Stranded with drive line troubles, especially in the middle of a busy road, can be a daunting situation for any truck driver. Drive line challenges, such as a failed u-joint or a twisted drive shaft, not only halt your progress but also pose safety risks. At Allewell Truck and Trailer, we understand the urgency and potential hazards of such situations. When your truck faces drive line issues, it’s crucial to have a reliable solution that can swiftly come to your rescue.

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We specialize in efficient drive shaft repairs, utilizing top-quality brand name parts to ensure the durability and performance of your truck’s drive line. Whether you’re experiencing problems along Highway 401 or anywhere throughout London and the surrounding areas, Allewell Truck and Trailer is here to assist you. We prioritize efficiency and safety, offering our expert services to get your truck back in motion promptly.

If you need immediate assistance with roadside truck repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re just a phone call away, ready to help whenever you need us.

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