Trailer Repair In London

24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside Trailer Repair Company

Require mobile roadside assistance for a trailer issue? Operating 24/7 in London and along Highway 401, Allewell Truck & Trailer is your dependable choice for emergency mobile trailer repair. Whether you’re experiencing a roadside breakdown or facing an issue at a rest stop, our 310T certified mechanic, James Allewell, guarantees prompt, top-quality repairs. We specialise in a wide range of trailer repairs, including leaking wheel seals, brakes, air and leaf springs, air brake valves, tailgates, doors, and roofs, ensuring your trailer is swiftly restored to peak condition. Contact us anytime for reliable, high-calibre trailer repair.

Truck brake disc

Is your semi trailer at an MTO truck inspection station or stranded in a yard with brake issues? Allewell Truck and Trailer’s roadside service will quickly address and repair any problems. We ensure top-quality brake repairs, using trusted brand name components. Contact us for reliable truck trailer repair.

semi truck wheels and lights

Having issues with your ABS trailer light cord? Whether it’s a non-working light or trouble at the Putnam Scales, Allewell Truck and Trailer’s mobile service will swiftly repair or replace any lighting or wiring problem, getting your truck moving.

a mechanic repairing a truck tire

Need a mobile mechanic for trailer wheel seal or hub cap issues? Allewell Truck and Trailer offers fast, thorough hub oil leak repairs, ensuring no MTO inspection problems.

mechanic repairing a truck engine

Is your trailer’s front glad hand causing problems, either broken or leaking? Allewell Truck and Trailer has the solution you need. Our highly skilled mobile mechanic arrives equipped with a fully stocked service truck, ready to address and repair any issues with your glad hand promptly.

a gas can with a nozel top

If your semi trailer’s reefer or heater engine runs out of fuel, Allewell Truck and Trailer will promptly prime the system, refuel the tank, and restart the diesel engine. We can also deliver fuel to low-running vehicles.

a computer used for truck diagnostics

Is there a problem with your semi trailer’s ABS system? Allewell Truck and Trailer will come to you roadside, or on site at your yard and quickly diagnose and repair any issues with your anti-lock brake system using OEM level diagnostic software.   

semi truck driving in the winter

In freezing temperatures, if your trailer brakes won’t release or you have air leaks from a valve, it might be due to a frozen air brake system. Call Allewell Truck and Trailer for cold weather assistance.

semi truck air brake

If your semi trailer has a brake chamber air leak or an air brake issue like a slack adjuster problem, Allewell Truck & Trailer’s mobile roadside service will swiftly arrive, replace the defective air brake chamber, or handle other air brake-related problems using top-quality components.

the back of a semi truck on a highway

Facing door troubles? Allewell Truck and Trailer’s mobile unit is ready to help. Our skilled technicians swiftly tackle door issues for seamless operation. Trust us for efficient repairs, whether roadside or in your yard. Contact us now for prompt service.

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